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We believe in the power of our hardworking members. We strive to close the gender inequality seen on executive boards by connecting our clients and organizations with highly trained, powerful women serving on executive boards across the area. We work in tandem, not against, our fellow boards to close the gender gap.


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  • How OnBoardNC Began
    OnBoardNC launched in November of 2015 with the goal of increasing the number of qualified Triangle-based women represented on corporate boards. The group’s creation was inspired by then North Carolina State Treasurer, Janet Cowell.  As part of a corporate governance initiative, Treasurer Cowell invited diverse Triangle CEO’s, corporate directors and thought leaders to brainstorm waysContinue reading “How OnBoardNC Began”
  • Membership Criteria
    Prospective members are nominated by at least one OnBoardNC member with two additional members supporting the nomination. Eligibility requires at least part-time residence in the RTP area; a demonstrated track record of integrity, high standards of corporate governance and superior business judgment; and all of the following: Prior or existing board experience, in a privateContinue reading “Membership Criteria”


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